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I had a friend that got killed in afghanistan he was a soldier.I recently found one of his friends on facebook that I would really like to talk to.This is such an awkward situation for me.How would one go on to break the ice.I am so scared to email him.I know he knows of me now through my friends mother.This seems t be awkward for everyone could you please help me with some suggestions.
posted by ronda (age 48) on 9/11/2011 @12:22:59 AM •
There is nothing wrong with knowing this guy. I would start by asking how he is doing with the loss. Be genuine. If you are near each other, meet for coffee or similar, take a walk, and talk. How did both of you know your friend and not know each other? From that, things will arise to talk about. It will get less awkward as time goes on. Good luck!
posted by Scott (age 27) on 9/25/2011

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