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"my bf and bff"
I like this boy and he likes me too and soon he will problably be my boyfriend but my best friend likes him too and she thinks that he likes us both but he is not that kind of guy. I love her like a sister and I don't want to see her crushed. What should I do to have her feel better then?
posted by Emerald (age 14) on 9/11/2011 @4:16:59 PM •
I suggest telling her ahead of time. If you wait until you two are actually going out, then she may get even more upset. Also, try explaining that you feel very strongly about this boy. I hope you do, if you're willing to risk a friendship over it. But if you really think that it'll cause that much of an issue, then just turn him do. Friends before boys is the rule you should always follow in situations like this. Hope I helped!
posted by Trying to Help on 9/21/2011

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