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"Guy Friend"
Ok, if you talk to a guy for 4 weeks everyday for multiple hours and he says things like your cute, your sweet, I like talking to you, bla bla bla. You would think hes flirting with you right? well thats what I thought so I just asked him if he wanted to hang out, all was good. Then an offhand comment of "How come your still single? hahaha" changed everything. To find out he actually has a girlfriend and he "wasn't" flirting just being nice. Do you believe you should still be friends with him, even though he clearly knew you were flirting with him and never said that he has a girlfriend and even said that he would attend homecoming with you.Then when you try to cancel hanging out cause it makes you uncomfortable to hang out with someone elses boyfriend, he says that shes cool with it and he still wants to hang out. Advice anyone?
posted by Erica (age 16) on 9/15/2011 @6:27:25 PM •
Erica, this is a cautious tide to be in. To start, you should be concerned with how YOU feel. If you feel awkward, then you should stop now rather force a bad situation. He may genuinely have been "just nice," or he may have been seeing what he could get away from without his girlfriend knowing. If his girlfriend is actually aware of the two of you hanging out and is ok with it, then in the end, as I said it's up to you. Personally, I would keep this guy at a distance: chat on the phone, hang out with other friends, but one on one might be a bit much in this current situation. Hope that helps, good luck!
posted by Scott (age 27) on 9/25/2011

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