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"I'm not in a lover's triangle!"
I have a boyfriend, he's the sweetest guy in the world. We also work at the same place, but different departments. Well, where I am at there is a kiosk for cell phones that this one guy, Greg* works and asks me personal questions about my relationship, I don't mind it's a clean conversation, however my boyfriend seems to disapproves and thinks that I am flirting with him and that I'm thinking about leaving or cheating. I can't really ignore Greg*, because that is rude in my opinion and I enjoy talking, but I don't want fighting to continue, and I want to make my boyfriend happy. I'm at a loss right now because he doesn't want to talk about it, he wants to solve this himself, but it is only going to bottle up and explode some other time, also this is not the first incident of him becoming "jealous".
posted by Renee (age 19) on 9/16/2011 @1:55:52 PM •
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