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"Ex-Boyfriend's Best Friend"
My ex-boyfriend has been staring at me since school began. But he hasn't talked to me at all. I went to a fair a few nights ago, and one of his close friends was there. His friend was staring at me, and I kept seeing him, even though the fair was huge. Then, on the last ride of the night for me, which was the "Giant Slide" (I was in a kiddy mood with my friend - don't judge!), he got on right behind us. I told my friend that I'd beat her down, and he said "Suure." And I said, "Wanna bet?" And promptly beat my friend. As he was getting off, he held his hand up for a high five. What does all this mean? Why are they both staring at me all the time? I'm apparently very naive. But I do need to know, as there's a dance coming up. I'm sure you know what that means. Sorry for the length!
posted by Someone Who'd Really Like A Bit of Help on 9/17/2011 @3:53:14 PM •
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