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"wat do i do "
i am now engagd to a boy that has previoulsy cheated on me in the past with his ex girlfriend , during that time he lost all my trust and hurt me .I can see the change in him and i still get very paraniod , when he is out even though he is with me most of the time
plz help
posted by renie on 2/11/2008 @5:09:24 AM •
You know I was in that same boat...and i've found that if you can't trust this person again, it means you should move on. i was in a relationship for 10 years and he would cheat. It got to the point that I had a lot of animosity for this person and found it was better I moved on and started fresh. I tried to give him my trust for years after it happened and I just never could. Trust is something they need to earn and if he's not trying to earn it, you are never going to give it.
If it was just "one time" you should try to forgive and try to move forward. Just know that you can't change someone or "hope" they will change for you. It's unfair for them (that you are trying to mold them your way) and it's unfair for you (that you are sitting there waiting for the change) and you need to find someone that you don't feel needs to change.
posted by jessica on 2/11/2008

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