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"Cutting/Self Injury"
My best friend of 10 years told me today that she has cut herself twice before, on her wrists, with a razor blade. We are in middle school. She showed me the scars. Well, they're still red and have dried blood on them. So they're not scars yet. She has told her older sister, and me. I know that I'm supposed to tell someone, but this girl is so sweet and can't lie to save her life. She said that it was only twice, because she was having really bad days. The two times were months apart. I'm not sure what to do. She told me on the bus and I was hugging her and crying for her, but on the inside, I was thinking, "Why? Why would you do this?" I need to know what to do. She won't kill herself, but I need to do something.
posted by HELP (age 14) on 9/21/2011 @5:25:15 PM •
I have helped people who cut. You should say something to a school counselor, someone who will keep it confidential. Your friend is trying to reach out, be there for her. She may have something going on you don't know about. If you let it go, it could get worse. If she gets upset, explain to her you care and are trying to help her. Be honest with your parents too: tell them what you see. They may be able to help too.
posted by Scott (age 27) on 9/25/2011
Thanks. I told my mom, and convinced my friend that she needed to tell her mom. She is doing a lot better, but I feel like a terrible friend because I didn't notice that she was hurting.
posted by HELP (age 14) on 9/26/2011

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