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"Middle School Love Possible? "
I am an right grader, and rather shy. When in kindergarten, I had a best friend. I'll call her "Emily". Unfortunately, come second grade, we were put in separate classes and grew apart due to different recess. Since sixth grade, however, I realized that I love her. I am not sure my parents would allow me to have a girlfriend, and am terrified of getting rejected. Additional, there are three different high schools, and while I am allowed to choose which high school I can go too, I do not know which she will choose. Ahh! Trapped by young love!
posted by David (age 13) on 9/26/2011 @10:16:21 PM •
Whoops...Meant to say "Eigth grader"
posted by David (age 13) on 9/26/2011

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