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"Life or Death"
I have a boyfriend. I have awesome friends. But my family. They cannot STAND me. If I walk into the room, my dad gets up and walks out. If I start to talk to either of my brothers, they walk away. My mom says on a daily basis how much she'd just like to "slap me in the face," or "punch me." She's never actually hit me, but she pulled my hair once. Every night, I cry myself to sleep. Then I go to school and pretend everything is normal. No one has any idea what it's like. I get called a **** and a jackass by my OWN PARENTS. It's a worse feeling than anything in the world. I tried cutting once, but I'm too squeamish. I couldn't handle the blood. Can someone please tell me how to kill myself, or at least why they hate me?
posted by Charlotte (age 13) on 10/13/2011 @5:04:31 PM •
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