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I'm 37 yrs.old and working here abroad.i'm separeted for long time.and this 1 yr i meet a guy that i felt in love.We both too in loved each other but the problem is his married and two childrens,but married in the eyes of people who knows them but some of them knows that they both dont have feelings each other.the time came that he proclaimed our relations and the wife get angry and told him to give her devorce and he told yes,but the girl insist that he will leave me but he told to all of them " he will not leave me ,he will bring me as a part of the families and his so in loved with me" i want to know pls.. what i will do?


posted by GENNA (age 37) on 10/15/2011 @9:41:33 AM •
how great is your passion of love toward him is the matter else is just an adjustment of mentality, how much you can sacrifice toward love
posted by gordon (age 34) on 10/25/2011

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