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"Why be mad at me?"
My boyfriend's ex hates me because im with him. She cheated on him and used him for sex. And now that he's with me she's saying she loves him and wants him back. Me and him are engaged and she's dating the guy she cheated on him with. She's done horrible things like talk about me, start rumors, even hacking into his stuff and getting "personal pictures" of him. All i did was she Hello to the girl. Not to mention that she's two years older than me too! Now she's saying I was glaring at her and now she want's to fight me even though from day one i was nothing but nice to her and im also a pacifist. I should also mention that my boyfriend told her multiple times he doesnt love her and he doesnt want her. What should i do about it all 'cause i can't avoid seeing her?
posted by Shanice (age 17) on 10/18/2011 @9:50:49 AM •
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