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"am i over reacting?"
My sister is with this guy that has always made me uncomfortable. He has a shady past that would make any normile thinking person run the other way. She has a young son who the whole family is worried about.
She is acting diffrent, drinking more, smoking. i dont think she is bothereing to hide anything from her son. I kept things to myself untill she asked then blew uo on me. She has cut me and others out for this guy. ive told her i love her and his son and they are always welcome in my home and life. But he is no longer welcome around me or my family. i have small i over reacting.
posted by sara (age 31) on 10/27/2011 @10:43:29 AM •
no your not over reacting i would do the same thing if a guy turned my sister away from me
posted by megan on 11/3/2011

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