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"To Study Abroad or Not To"
I have recently been selected to go study abroad on a scholarship. However, my scholarship only covers my plane ticket and I have to pay for the tuition which is roughly over 2000.00. This is my first year in Grad school and I recently moved out on my own. I was working until last month that I was recently furloughed. Now I am struggling financially. Now, just to find out, my family is not very supportive of me studying abroad which is a huge let down considering I was really hoping they would support me. So my situation now is, should I go study abroad over the course of the winter or not and lose out on that $500.00 I deposited and the wonderful experience abroad?
posted by Leann (age 23) on 10/31/2011 @1:30:14 AM •
GO GO GO GO GO. I was offerd something similar and I didn't go. I look back and wish I had gone every single day I think it would have shaped my life diffrently and I'd be in a diffrent place. I know you'r worried about money but start looking into some grants theres a ton of them out there! Just go be free and explore the world!
posted by Myah (age 25) on 11/26/2011

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