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"I dont know,"
How can i show my girlfriend i really love her?
I tell her all the time,
but i dont feel like its enough.
If you could tell me things to do that would make a girl realize how much i really love her,
I'd appreciate it tons.

posted by Tylar on 2/11/2008 @1:48:42 PM •
Hmmmm,i really don't know. I say you tell her all the time?Well,ask her if she does really thinks you love her,and juss tlk bout it,then take her somewhere fun or maybe go somewhere yall never been.Make her have a great time with youuuu:]
posted by Lisa Phan on 2/13/2008
i agree w/ lisa. just show her a good time. gifts are always nice, lol, and surprises. her fav. flowers, a hug or kiss when shes least expecting it, open her car door first, let her pick the movie, if u live in a pretty city, just go driving, maybe w/ her fav. cd in the car. hugs and kissies for sure.

just dont go overboard. i did, and my bf ended up breaking up w/ me cause i was "smothering him"
posted by Leah on 2/13/2008
hm....its always great wen you just hangout and hold her close.......try to avoid talking to other girls wen your with her.....but just like leah said.....dont go overboard:)
posted by chelsea on 2/15/2008
just remember its the little things that count the opening a door, comenting on her hair or clothes, mabey even showing up for no reason with some of her fav flowers...hope this helps!
posted by alicia on 2/21/2008

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