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Im so sad and hurt as I type this that Im sorry if I lose you but here it goes . My BF and I have been together over two years we have lived together for over one year. Sure we have had our up and downs but always seem to come back to one another for various reasons . I love him so much and I thought he loved me that is until he started telling me again I just dont see a future your not the one in the rocking chair with me and the best one he says hes just meant to be alone. Ive been so wonderful to him I told my self when I got with him that I would try not to make the same mistakes I made in the past with him I worked on myself and yes at forst I didnt see a future because after my divorce it was hard I guess we both just where there for one another . As time passed my feelings changed and I started to fall in love with hm . We have made a beautiful home have so much in comom he is 12 years older i say that because there are things I have never seen and since he is retired military hes so much more wiser experianced in the world than me i love that about him . Im madly in love and even when he says somethig I know isnt right i forgive him but it hurts to hear he thinks we have no future but says im not in a hurry to change anything like move or our statuses but he says eventually it will happen . I mean how manipulative is that . The house we live in his my dads we pay the mortage and we definitly help one another out but last night he got home he drives a truck and i found a number in his phone i deleted it i know i sould not have don that so i asked him questions like anything interesting last night I mean he was asking weird calling super sweet I mean I had this gut feeling that is why i check ed well he said you know whats wrong you deleted a nuber I denied it till the end so we moved from that part but i asked him why the number exchange if its just someone you talked to while stopped and get a bite he said he had no idea he then called me that noght and was rush rush said he was tired going to bed but the truth is he and her both drove to the reest stop and hung out and he called me at 6 am tocheck on me something he never does . he said nothing happend i promise i wasnt even attracted Im just found it noce to talk to another woman so I said well then why hide why lie I mean many men and woman are firneds he never responded . I m so lost so hurt . I have her number but im scared to call . please help what do i do . Im 35 hes 48 i mean im not getting any younger and just want a real loving relationship thought I had it but the blind folds have been taken off . please help in so scared of what to do .
posted by Michelle (age 35) on 11/4/2011 @12:02:57 PM •
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