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"Advice on what to do please"
Well for starters my boyfriend & me are not from Texas. We moved here April 2010 under a false promise of a permanat job that pays money. Anyways to make a long story shorter. We moved to D Texas July 2011 and my bf boss actually hit him & then fired him for fun. Then he gets another job at OPH so we thought it was safe to go purchase a used car to replace our gas hog truck. The Seller was very happy with the recomodation that they gave so they sold us the car. Then OPH goes and cuts his hours to about 20 a week because the manager wants a bigger bonus check! Cant forget the lovely apartment We paid $200 on the 1st and paid the rest as soon as I got paid on the 3rd. Still had to sign some sort of eviction paper and promise paper which she tryed to trap me on. About 1 month later the car breaks down and we have it towed to the car dealer. They cant find anything external wrong with it so we have to call back Monday.
I have never lived in a State where there is this much lying and bullying. Not to whine but I have a Pacer/ICD in my chest, in the middle of getting my kidneys fixed, im scraping to get my pills, ect. I dont know what to do anymore. I need some serious advice please!
posted by Sandy on 11/12/2011 @7:49:52 PM •
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