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So I was at the mall last night with a friend of mine and I happened to see this really cute guy working in the food court so I went to buy a smoothie with my friend and we sat down for a bit and decided to go and get a preztel where he worked. I whispered to my friend that i thought he was super cute and she blurted it out to him!. She said "She thinks your super cute and wants your number shes been looking here and shes been talking about you and how cute you are will you please give her your number." He gave me his number and i walked away i waited a few hours and texted him. we played 20 questions and we found out we have alot in common. How long should i wait to tell him i like him?? My friend say we would make a cute couple and he had to go for a little last night for a soccer game and he asked me if he could text me later i replied yes and he said good cuz i really wanted to Help?
posted by Riley on 11/13/2011 @3:05:24 PM •
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