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"My son is dying"
My son is dying slowly from respitory failure. I have come to his house to take care of him. His wife is a teacher and I did not have a job. My husband, not his father, is saying that I should be home, even tho he is not there. He is out of state driving truck He said my son should hire a nurse for himself. No one can afford a nurse and I really feel I should be here to take care of him. What do I do?
posted by Mary Lou (age 57) on 11/25/2011 @6:54:33 PM •
You are a mother and your instinct tells you to go be there for your son as he needs you, great you did exactly that, cause your conscience may not forgive you if you did otherwise and God forbid something terrible happens to him. Your husband like most men like the idea of his wife waiting for him at home, but your son needs you right now and you are exactly where you should be and doing the right thing and I wish your son quick recovery.
posted by Esther on 11/27/2011
This is your son, no question you need to be with him,even if your husband was home. There is no one and nothing that could keep me away from my dying child. I think you should be there with you son and really question whether you want to be with a man that could be so selfish. I am so sorry for you. Just stand your ground.
posted by Chris (age 48) on 11/27/2011

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