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"moving away"
i am wanting to move away from my pqrtner of 3yrs...we were never married...i have a child with him who is 14mths old..i want to move back to my home town where my family and freinds are which is about 5 hours away but i have been told that i would have to go to court as if i took his child away it would be a form of kidnap...please could someone tell me if this is true or is it complete noncense...yours emma
posted by emma on 2/12/2008 @11:20:13 AM •
i'm not a lawyer or anything, but... i think that in the US, unless you're in some sort of abusive situation, you can't leave without telling the father; otherwise it would be considered some sort of kidnapping, legally...
posted by jon on 2/13/2008
if you are the birth mother to that child and the two of you were never married then you have full-and legal custody of ur child.unless for some reason you dont have custody of your child and he does.or if the law is different in another state. although you should tell him where you are moving to, he would have to go through the courts to stop you...i kno i just went thought this about a month ago? r u too still together?
posted by alicia on 2/21/2008

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