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Okay so I am 19, almost 20, and really have no family other than my parents and one set of cousins. My cousin Adam* is 13 years old and me and him were like best friends for 3 years. We both liked horror movies, the same music, and actually had a really fun time together. Well I don't know what happened, but I moved into my own place and couldn't go to thier house for awhile because I was moving, and they got mad because I could not babysit Adams brother, while the parents went to a party. So they have ignored me ever since. This past monday, Adam messaged me for the first time in almost a year, asking if I could come over. We live 2 hours apart, and I have a puppy, and a job so I can't go there. I invited him to come stay with us for a few days and he was cool with it. He then proceeded to tell me about how he abuses vicodin, and adderal, smokes pot, drinks, and smokes ciggarettes. I asked if his mom knew, and he said she caught him with a bunch of stuff, but that all she did was take it away, and that she didn't really care. My fiance` and me are having a hard time letting him come over now, because we do not want him bringing drugs in our house. He is very spoiled, always has been, and very disrespectful, so I know even if I aasked him not to bring it..he would. Again, he is only 13, and I do not want to be responsible if he gets caught with drugs, or worse overdoses or something stupid. We've never told eachothers secrets...but I'm concerned for his health, and I don't really want him over anymore. Should I tell his mom what he said to me? Or should I just keep making excuses for him not being able to come over. I'm so worried about him. Please help :(
posted by Desiray (age 19) on 12/9/2011 @2:17:19 PM •
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