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"I need a male's perspective"
So I met this man named Anthony on POF. We had been messaging through email and eventually text and 2 phone conversations. We started talking on 11/25/11 and we met on 12/8/11. He would always text every day till we met "good morning babe" (or something along those lines) and "sweet dreams hun" when I went to bed.
Before we met we had both agreed that we were going to have sex on the first date. But he told me that he didnít want it to be a one night stand sort of thing. He wanted "A real relationship. I hate the dating game and I hate when people aren't honest. I want a real strong relationship". But since were both grown adults and we both enjoy sex, that we'll continue a relationship after sex.

Also through text he said "I know you and i could have something great in and out of the bedroom".

So while we were talking we found we both had a lot of similar interests as far as television, food, literature, and perspectives on things. And sexually we Very compatible.
So we met, and because of financial/time constraints he picked me up from my place around 8 and we went back to his . Its about a 45 minute drive so we got to talking, and I was a bit nervous but it went pretty well. We got to his place started making out and eventually had sex. It was amazing by the way. Then we cuddled and watched High Anxiety cause we both love Mel Brooks films. Then cuddled some more and went to sleep.

So the next morning he says he isnít feeling well and he has to clean up the house. Its not like we had planned anything special the next day so I left it alone. I asked when we'll be able to see each other again. He said that his friend is coming in from Ohio and they're spending a week in Vegas. I donít mind that there going to Vegas, they're close friends and guys need to go out and do guy things. We didnít say we were both officially together, but we both made it apparent that we really liked each other and that we would take it a way lol. But he was sure about the week after that, and we would figure something out.

So he drops me off and texts me when he got home. He's like "hey babe" and I asked him if he was feeling any better. He didnít respond for a bit so I assumed he was tired and I asked him if he wanted to talk later so he could get some sleep. He said "Yea I need it!" so I said "sorry if I kept you up last night I donít sleep well in new places" and he said " you didnít keep me up at all babe. In fact I loved having you sleep with me :) it was great cuddling".

So I left him alone and he texts me later around 7 and I asked him how he was feeling and he said he had "been better haha". and I asked him what he was up to and he said he had rearranged the house and he was tired. So I told him I was tired, cause he really wore me out the other night. And he wanted me to be a 100% honest. And I told him I was, and that I really enjoyed it. I asked if he did and he said "I loved it :)" and I said good Iím glad and that I was going to go to bed. He said "sweet dreams hun".

Then this is where it takes a turn. He normally texts me in the morning but he didnít text me till 1:00 pm. So I asked him what he was up to and if he was feeling any better. He said he was about to go running but his ankle still hurt. So I said I wish I was there to help. He said "me too" and I didnít text him till later around 7 and asked him how he was doing.

He didnít respond so I sent him a question mark. He didnít respond so I just said I was going to bed. No sweet dreams or any response.

So I text him the next morning and asked why he didnít respond. He said he "fell asleep". Then I said he didnít "have to" say sweet dreams but it was nice when he did. Then I asked if he was feeling better. He said " a little" and I said "thatís good" he said" yea it is". Then I asked him what he was going to do (this is Sunday just so you know)today. He didnít respond. So I asked if he wanted to talk later. He said "yes". I thought that maybe cause it was Sunday and the game was on he would text me later. He hasnít text me( and I havenít text him) since, and its Tuesday morning and Iím confused.

I really like Anthony and Iíve been online dating for like 5 months now and I like him more then anyone Iíve met online dating. Thatís saying a lot cause I donít really like a lot of people lol.

Am I thinking to much and I need to leave him alone? Or should I be concerned that Iím never going to hear from him again?

Also if this helps Iím a Scorpio and his is a Pisces.
posted by Kasey (age 20) on 12/13/2011 @5:06:24 PM •
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