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I've been living in a small town for 4 years, I have had a couple jobs but nothing longer than 3 months. I'm at the point where I realize the need to be self reliant. I tried for months and months to find a job and finally got one. After 3 months of committed work and becoming content with the low paying job I did have I lost it for having extra cherries in my soda. with that job I managed to get my own place and open up a savings account. now after being out of the job for 3 weeks and literally trying everywhere else in town to get a job its still not enough. Today got turned down at the only hope I had for a job because of bad references from a manager that has a personal problem with me. I'm facing not having a place to stay now. On top of all that I have really bad eyesight and haven't been able to see properly for a month now because all the money I've made has went toward rent, which is a 13x13 hotel room with a drug addict roommate. I'm also facing possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges for the first time in January which will wipe out my tax money. I don't even have a license or 5 bucks to take the compass test I need to take tomorrow so I can get into technical college. I don't know what to do anymore.
posted by Kara (age 20) on 12/19/2011 @10:36:17 PM •
I'd say go back to college. But maybe that mite be to much for you to handle. And its no one fault about you getting caught with drugs. Going to church could of been your high. Even asking the church for help would help also.Since you have access to the internet. Apply to college. You're only 20 what the heck are you doing struggling so hard. Go join a nice college. Live life right, and if you can learn how to lie on your resume, and then if you need a good reference tell a friend to be your manager instead of giving them the ignorant managers number
posted by trice on 2/6/2012

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