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im married and i really have developed hard feelings towards spouse and for very good reasons not going to get into that but any ways ,, weel to make a long story short i met my daughters freind s father at the feild it seemed there was alot of attraction but and talking flirting he no,s im married so i think he started to back off a little after awhile and i let it be that , but he would stare at me all the time and try to balls up and talk it seems like there is always alot of nervous tension and when we do talk we dont stop but then we go back to ignoring each other whats with that,, any ways the girls started getting closer again and the spending the night all thi time and then after awhile one day we talked for 2 two hours and he got the courage to ask me over for dinner with all the kids there it was casuall freindly and then the next following weekend i i came in to drop off clothes for my kid and was asked to come in he was so niece but when i said hay look at the cute guy on the tv he then got weird and started screaming beaners beaners o bye the way micheel i gave my number out to this mexican girl she holds two jobs yep kids looks like ull be seeing her around i was like what the heck what is wrong with him,, so any was i told him we,ll time for me to leave he looked shocked and then i asked my daughter if she would like to stay or come home they begged her to stay so then i left and the next day she comes home all mad i guesse her and him got into a diagreement and she and he told her he herd her swearing on the phone which her and a freind were joking around as they were talkiing she told him he gave her a lecture and said u wont be welcomed back if she swears and then supposely she told him she wanted to go home if they werent to get along,, i guesse her freind wanted her to stay. and go with them to his freinds house he said i cant take that chance with her she might swear, ill take her home god like no,s she does once in a while and why the ease dropping on her conversation im thinking anyways when she got home i called up and said to the daughter she,ll never spend the night there again and your dad is a mean cheap man ,, now the daughter is playing games with my daughter at school acting like shes too good no more calls but when she does call my kid and my daughter calls her back she gets weird and then the girl asked her last week if my dad coaches for soccer do u want to be on his team i guesse he aint mad any more and wants to no if she wants to be on her team whats with that i dont think so ,, but my daughter said i dont no ,, its just this whole situation has been weird and i cant figure them out if u dont like us dont bother us .. whats up with these poeple
posted by tracey on 2/12/2008 @11:46:35 AM •
whoa. sounds like you might just need to let your daughter be friends with his daughter, and that's it...nothing between you two. he's probably just trying to keep his daughter from thinking it's ok to cuss. and for him to allow yours to is making his think that it's ok. don't get upset about that. just make sure he's not being mean to your daughter. there's a difference between asking her not to cuss and arguing/yelling with her. as long as no one is being mistreated, it sounds like there's no reason for all the harsh feelings.

also, be careful about how you act without your husband. would you want him flirting with some woman he meets? what would you do if you found out he has before? it's not fair or right for you to do that.
posted by sara on 2/15/2008

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