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"Living with parents"
I'm having financial trouble. I already have a full time job and am looking for part time as well, but still can't make ends meet. I am a single mom with a 12 year old daughter and she and my home are all I have. My parents and an aunt have offered to move in and help pay expenses. I have a tiny house and I already work in a family business, so I would basically be with them 24/7. The thought makes me sick. I am 45 and feel like a total loser. My credit is shot, so if they don't move in I have to declare bancruptcy and then just stay in my home until they foreclose and just save up and hope I can afford an apartment when it is done. My parents are old and not healthy and very difficult to get along with. Do I put my daughter through that to stay in a home she loves or do we hit rock bottom and start over?
posted by Jodi (age 45) on 1/16/2012 @5:54:39 PM •
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