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"my friends"
my friend told me that she dosent want to be friends with me any more what should i do??
posted by lisa on 12/17/2007 @5:18:09 PM •
I know how you feel. That same thing happened to me a few years ago. Don't let that bother you. You don't want to be around people who don't like you anyways. It's better that she just said that to you instead of being mean and making you feel even worse. I'm sorry that happened to you! Just remember all of the real friends you have and enjoy them.
posted by Sara on 12/17/2007
The very thing happened to me in college and I still do not understand why it happened. I know it hurts but the best thing to do is move on. Tell yourself that that person has the problem not you and get out there and make new friends or treasure time with friends you already have. That "friend" of mine and I still do not talk but I am happier than ever and have learned a lot about friendship from that situation.
posted by Jillian on 12/18/2007
The best advice you could receive has already been posted by Sara& Jillian. Two people who have both been there and instead of self doubting or becoming bitter,are clearly caring and compassionate. As I susbect you are or it wouldn't bother you.I'm sure your friend has made a HUGE mistake!
posted by Dave on 12/19/2007

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