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"inconsiderate in laws"
One year and two weeks after my husband and I were married he died. My mother in law said she wanted all his "things" back. I wasn't sure what her idea of his things were besides clothes and high school memorabilia. After reluctantly returning many belongings of his, she asked for a quilt her daughter gave to us as a wedding present. I said no. I think its not fair for his family to asked for anything. So now I am the worst person in the world and I have no heart, according to her Facebook post. Aggravated to no end. Am I wrong in not giving her what she wants?
posted by mary (age 37) on 1/30/2012 @7:57:53 PM •
I'm so sorry about your husband's death! How hard that must've been for you! Of course, his Mother is acting out of sadness & anger, for losing her son. It's good you hung onto that quilt too, since it was a gift to you, and your husband. It wasn't a gift to your Mother-In-Law! As cold as this sounds, I would BREAK ALL TIES with his family. Your husband has moved on, and you need to, as well. As for the Facebook post, remove her from your Facebook! Obviously, she's not considerate of what you're going through, so why put yourself through that? Perhaps, by now, you've broken all ties with the In-Laws. If so, awesome! But, you were not wrong in not giving her what she wants...Break the chain, girl!...Move on...
posted by November on 3/29/2012

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