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"in thr closet."
Hey. As the title suggests, i'm in the closet. I'm a 15 year old boy and i've been going through this for, I'm not even sure how long. Two of my close friends know, one male and one female. I'm male by the way. I might be having feelings for the male friend, but he's straight. I'm fine with that and i want to be best friends with him, I just wish I could get the thoughts of being more than friends out of my heaad, i don't want to do that, so i don't know why i think that. I wish i wasn't gay. I hope i can change. I've let it control my life and get me depressed for so long and i just want it to go away. And be straight and be happy. Any advice on how to be straight? If i could do that, i could get over my other minor problems. If you are interested i'd also like to talk so i can vent more, as this is just a vague summary of my situation. I'm happy for anyone that is there to listen, but more so if you are going through or have gone through a similar situation. Thank you for reading this and at least considering my existence as you scroll down the page.
posted by joe (age 15) on 1/30/2012 @10:19:14 PM •
Not sure if I can help but just be yourself. Being straight doesn't necessarily mean that you will be happy and all your problems will go away or be fixed. Be happy that you have two friends that understand and accept you for who you are. You are only fifteen, you have so much more life to live.
posted by mary on 1/31/2012
please just be yourself,an be happy.You have to much to learn to let being gay get you down.If u believe in God find him, in your heart. So that you may learn to handle your feelings in a safe way.Gay or straight please dont turn back if thats in ur heart you want to be.I promise me being a straight woman,have the same issues even if you were gay.And yes please enjoy your two best friends. And never loose them. Your problem is not minor.Stay happy with you. If do you love women, be prepared for Bullsh*t from either gender. And thats as real as that can get. And be protective and safe.which ever gender you choose to be with.
posted by trice on 2/5/2012
if you arnt attracted to females there isnt much you can do about it you can always just date women but youll never be happy until you follow your heart. i wouldnt come out of any closets unless you are 100% sure of what you want
posted by paul on 2/8/2012
I been there. Im bi and i fell my best friend but she was gay and already had a gf. but thats a different situation. what i can say is that as you grow youll find other guys that catch your eye that will most likely be gay too. right now it may be hard to find bc ur so young but once you meet other gays or bi's youll have a better comfort zone and knowing your not alone. but i wouldnt tell him u have a crush on him he might be weirded out but give it a year and i bet you'll find someone that has feelings for u too. just let this one crush blow over bc trust me it will, they always do....ur young and like the famous sayng says "theres plenty of fish in the sea" and its true, ya gatta believe in it. ;)
posted by Brielle (age 20) on 2/14/2012
Listen Joe, go with your heart. dont worry about what other people think. it's hard to say exactly what to do because your still young. Just be careful and think for yourself. dont let others mess with your head.
posted by Alicia on 3/11/2012

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