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I just recently got married it will be a year in may. I have a daughter thats not my husbands and just had a daughter with my husband before i was married. I recently found out that my husband might have a child by another women whom he had been with before me. She had a son in sept 2010, i had my daughter april 2011. with that being said the women has only contacted my husband through text and not about being the dad but there could be a possibilty that its him. she doesnt want any financial help she doesnt want anything. she was married at the time her son was born and her son calls her husband dad, he has his last name and the husband is taking care of the kid like its his own. the husband found out through a rumor that his wife had an affair and now thinks the kid is not his. i just dont know what to do, do my hbusband and i proceed with a dna test? or do we just move on? my husband kept this a secret from me saying he want going to do anything about it but now all of a sudden wants to do something. im hurt i feel betrayed, part of me wants to leave. my husband has also emotionally verbally abused me. he had made me feel like nothing, like im an idiot puts everything on me, its my fault. this is why im tired, stressed and just need advice of what i should do. im scared this will make things even worse between us. my husband said things will stay the same but i have a hard time trusting him
posted by Lisa (age 27) on 2/8/2012 @12:31:18 PM •
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