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i constantly remind myself that i will someday die. and that thought freaks me out. it gives me panic attacks and i make myself sick. these feelings started a few months after my father passed any advise would be great
posted by paul (age 20) on 2/8/2012 @1:48:31 PM •
I am not an expert on what your going through, but my advice is to try and calm yourself when you have the panic attacks. take deep breaths in and out. count to ten. think of a happy thought or time in your life. Death is a terrivle tradgety. Im so sorry for your loss. One theing to try and remember is death is part of the circle of life. It sucks when you lose a loved one, but I really believe everything happens for a reason. we may not know the answer to that now, but someday it will allamake sense. good luck!
posted by Alicia on 3/11/2012

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