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"please help me..."
okay so i really like this guy at my school and at first i thought he liked me too cuz he would be joking around and flirting with me...but then when i started talking to him more, he was like really uninterested. i'm so confused cuz i thought he liked me but then he's always flirting with other girls at our school. i really like this guy and i wanna know what to do and if he likes me or if he's just a super flirter. please help me?
posted by stef on 2/12/2008 @2:55:39 PM •
Dang, does he like joke around about liking you?
posted by Grant on 2/13/2008
no he flirts with me and a lot of other girls...and i'd like to think that he likes me but i'm confused...
posted by stef on 2/13/2008
I would move on. You never wanna get too serious with a flirt, you'll end up getting hurt.
posted by Furbzzz on 2/13/2008
so far you're right...but sometimes you can't help how you feel...right?
posted by stef on 2/13/2008

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