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"whats love"
So i fell in love but recently broke up w. my ex after 2 years. and at the same time i liked someone else, is that even possible when you love someone? well now that my relationship has been over i dont wana be lonely anymore and although i still have feelings for my ex i want to start all over again. that other guy told me he likes me but hes not sure if its a friend thing, he send me pictures all the time of him and texts me everyday all day for months now. and i sent him a letter explaining to him that i like him and he never replyd but just sent me a text saying he got the letter. we still talk non stop but what should i do now! i might be going to school where he lives. how do i show him that i stil like him ?????? How do i get him to tell me his real feelings? and is it possibly to love someone but like someone else or is that not really love at all?
posted by Brielle (age 19) on 2/14/2012 @2:58:00 AM •
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