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"Should I tell my teacher? Help?"
Okay, so here's the deal.I'm taking a Human Sexuality course right now at the college level.I have two professors, as this is a team-taught course.One teacher is teaching the biological aspects of the class and the other teaches us the psychological aspects.They alternate teaching every 4 weeks, and we have just finished our first "psychological portion" of the class.The professor told our class that when she comes back in a few weeks she will begin with the chapter on "Sexual Coercion".

To put it lightly, I am very uncomfortable with this subject.Without saying a lot, I have unfortunately experienced some things in life that I shouldn't have had to.Because of that, I am sure I'll already be a little bit on edge during these lectures.However, this professor makes it a point to call on every single student (at random) to participate at some point, which I don't mind normally.I have no issue with class participation at all and have raised my hand several times to answer her questions in the past few weeks, but I am not okay with answering any questions regarding this topic.If she calls on me I feel like I'll freeze and look stupid if she asks something obvious that I don't want to talk about.There are over 100 students in this class.

***My question is: Should I let my teacher know that this subject matter makes me uncomfortable, and should I even ask her to not call on me to discuss it.I got an A on her test, so I don't think she would be annoyed with me, but she is a little bit on the strict side.I don't want her to think I just don't want to participate in class because that isn't the case at all.So basically:

1.SHOULD I bring this up with my teacher.I have an appointment with her later in the week just to go over my test, and I could bring it up then.

2.If I should, HOW do I bring this up? I am afraid of giving too much away or the possibility that she might ask me why and then I won't know how to answer that.I don't want to tell her anything at all.Or would emailing her be too impersonal? It might be too hard for me to talk about in person.

I realize that just by bringing this concern to her attention I may be "letting the cat out of the bag".I've never told anyone anything about it and I am afraid that this will make my teacher look at me weird in class or think of me telling her this every time she sees me.I hope it won't be too awkward.

What would you do? I am dreading this and the lecture so much.And skipping isn't an option because attendance is required.
posted by Jill on 3/26/2012 @7:31:28 PM •
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