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"home dilemma"
Here is my dilemma...10 years ago i bought a new manufactured home with my 1st husband, it was meant to be a starter house, it's inexpensive. now we're divorced, he left me with the house/debt etc (he's still on the mortgage by the way) now i'm remarried & my husband makes really good money, enough to have a house. i am a stay at home mom now with my newborn. we are desperate to buy a home, in a neighborhood (we have 3 kids) this said home is was put on my mother's land in the country & now she is looking to sell her home, so we HAVE to move this place. we can't really afford to keep this mortgage/pay someone lot fees AND have a new mortgage and selling this place is going to be hard in this market, for what i still owe on it, so i'll be taking a financial hit & still will owe the mortgage company in the end. my husband wants to walk away & me take the hit on my credit (which i've worked hard to improve since my divorce) also, my ex husband has a job & the mortgage company will probably come after him since he's still on the note. i don't know what to do, any advice would be appreciated.
posted by jen (age 32) on 3/28/2012 @8:55:31 PM •
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