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My brother-in-law has an addiction to pain killers. When he runs out, he gets irritable, and causes much emotional stress for my sister and their son who lives with them. Their son is in his late 20's, and has Muscular Dystrophy. It's bad enough that he has this disease, let alone, have to deal with all the negativity between his parents!

My sister has Diabetes, and becomes very sick & depressed! She'd like to have an "intervention" for her husband, but thinks that he will get extremely upset, and not cooperate! She, on the other hand, would leave him, but is kind of scared to do so. She assumes that her husband would take care of their son, regardless.

I have no idea what to say to my sister! I have no answers for her, other than talk to him myself, but she forbids me to. Her health suffers, because it gets to a point where I don't think she even cares anymore! She's not exactly innocent of causing arguments, either! So, here are two people. Both of whom are in "denial" of their own behaviors, of which contributes to their emotionally-destructive relationship with each other...

Well, I'm having ANXIETY just from writing this!!! I'm really worried for her, and my nephew! Any suggestions???

Many Thanks!
- November.

posted by November (age 47) on 3/29/2012 @12:48:28 AM •
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