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I had an affair, my husband (of 16 yrs) then had a retaliatory affair after 8 months after finding out. His was just based on 1 sexual experience. Mine was based on an emotional attachment and problems in the marriage that have somewhat, mostly gotten better.
However I am so depressed now its unbleivable. the ex I had an affair with dragged my repuatation through the mud at work, despite him being a stalker before and after the fact. The ex lover used to work with me but was fired when they found out he went though other people personal emails to get my personal info. My husband is there for me, but the pain is still there. I honestly feel like like dying sometimes (my therapist knows this) I just want to pack up my whole family and leave, move state. I have been through hell these past 8 months since told my husband, first by him, and the other, and now this torture from his affair. Guess the joke is on me. I never thought/felt like a bad person. Now I do. What should I do? btw, I hate my job, I am embarrassed by this constantly. No I have a restraining order against the ex, court date is next week. I am petrified. My life feels so out of control.---everything does. My husband and I are best friends, closer than ever in ways, and still have much love.
posted by J (age 34) on 4/8/2012 @12:18:42 PM •
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