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I am 3 months pregnant and at first I really wanted a baby, but now me and my boyfriend are not really getting along and i dont feel I love him anymore. I already have a 4 yr old daughter witha different guy. I really dont wont 2 kids with 2 different fathers and still searching for mr. right. This would be this guys first kid. A couple weeks ago he got drunk and told me he didnt know if he was ready and didnt want to be with me. But we are still together and he says nothing about what he said that night. If i try to bring it up he ignores i, but thats something seripus to me. and i cant forget it the things he said. Also to top everything off my other childs dad has been trying to get back eith me. Telling me he loves me and everything. I honestly always thought we were meant to be, but my family hates him due to past things. Anyways I have been considering an abortion and breaking up with my current boyfriend and kinda just focusing on me and my daughter for awhile, but i really dont know what to do. I do want a baby now and my sister is 2 wks behind me in her pregnancy so i thought that was cool.What do you think i should do?
posted by ? (age 24) on 4/18/2012 @10:03:35 AM •
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