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"B/f Sex"
okay me and my b/f have been dating a year and 1/2 and he recently asked to **** me, i want to but idk if its right
posted by KRISTINA on 2/13/2008 @6:04:00 PM •
well... if he put it like that... maybe not.
posted by james on 2/13/2008 depends on how you feel about him.....and sice your the need to set the boundaries. if you dont want to just yet, tell him and if he really loves you, he will understand:)
posted by chelsea on 2/14/2008
it's really a matter of morals. If you trust the guy, and honestly don't let lust get in the way here, honestly trust him with your life, and your religious beliefs, whatever they may be agree with it, go for it.

but keep in mind, some guys have hidden agendas.

ive seen many of my female friends (im a guy) get emotional stress, or even knocked up by guys they "love"

just be careful, thats a very touchy area.

and if you're under the age of 16, i wouldnt advise it at all.

just talk to him about it.

the decision is really up to you
posted by c on 2/22/2008

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