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"So me and my ex..."
I really need a lot of help. So I have this ex. We grew up together and I didn't like him too much when we were little but when we reached highschool we started takin and dated 3 times. After a while, he ended up taking my virginity and I have been emotionally attached to him eversince then. Anyways this past March, we had a pregnancy scare and I lost his sister as a very close friend over that incident. Well after the scare, we weren't friends. Now recently he has a new girlfriend and normally it wouldn't mean anything to me cause he's a typical player and comes running back to me in about a week or so after a new gf. But this one is different. She's changing him....he's going to church with her, buying her gifts, treating her right and I'm upset cause he never treated me like that at all. And when me and my friends have prayer group, they, as a couple, are always there. It's just really hard on me to see them together and happy while I'm over here still in love with him. What should I do ?! :(
posted by Sabrina on 5/15/2012 @11:04:27 PM •
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