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"Wife or Babysitter?"
I am a stay at home mom of three, so it is hard to find time for me and my husband or even a babysitter. My husband and his friends are social by nature. They like to go out every weekend, all week, all day if they could. Tuesday night, wednesday doesn't matter to them. They also all have kids but they aren't with their significant others because of the fact that they all like to go out all the time. Lately, my husband has been going out a lot more with them and just assumes it is ok with me every weekend to stay home and take care of our children while he goes out to a buddy's house and gamble or goes to the bar to have a few drinks. He assumes that since we can't find a babysitter every weekend, both of us shouldn't have to sit home on a saturday night, one of us should go out and that is usually him, because, of course...his friends are all out. I know it isn't babysitting when it is your own kids, and I adore my kids, that is why I don't go out, but, why does he want to leave every single weekend? He seems happy when we are all together. We laugh, as corny as it may sound we play monopoly and card games with our 6 year old and watch Snoopy with the 2 year old. He gets all pouty and mad if I ask him to stay home one weekend. And I don't want to seem like the ****y wife who doesn't want him to go anywhere, but I am starting to feel like a babysitter and not his wife. Am I the ****y wife? Am I wrong to want him to be home more?
posted by Samantha (age 27) on 5/27/2012 @12:29:46 AM •
You're not wrong at all. That's not fair. In fact if it were me I'm sure I'd be suspicious so kudos to you for not being suspicious. It sounds like at least you have trust, and that's important, but he needs to be fair. Tell him you shouldn't have to be the babysitter.
posted by Joe (age 24) on 5/28/2012
Huny don't feel bad about telling your husband how you really feel about him going out on the weekends he is a husband and a father .so I really don't understand why he has to be going out every weekend .so speak up and if he hast a problem with what you have to say maybe ya can take turns one weekend he stay with the kids and you go out and the other weekend you stay home and he gose out ..maybe that will fix the problem good luck but
posted by Jessica (age 30) on 5/31/2012

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