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"juveniell hall or not?"
My brother recently was accused of walking into a home for what i guess the cops consider burglary. it does seem to look that way. What happened was that my brother went to the house of another person who he thought that stole his bike and blackmailed the other kid that if he didnt return his bike he would take his x box. well in the end he didnt take it but he did get a citation to go to court because of tresspasing somebodys propertyand burglary. what should he do, should he get a lawyer or is it not important. M brother is 16 years old and im afraid that we 'll end up looking stupid infront of the judge when we go to court because we've never been to court for anything. any kind kind of advice concerning this matter would be very well appreciated. thank you.
posted by Netty on 2/13/2008 @6:57:05 PM •
lawyers can be really expensive, but it could help. there may be a free, court-appointed attorney, though. i'm not sure how it works in juvenile cases, but you may want to make a call and find out. free lawyer is almost always better than no lawyer.
posted by jon on 2/13/2008
honestly i doubt he would get jail time but maybe get community service like the other person said there is an eterny that is supposed to be given to u by the state but then again there is something i forgot what its called but it excuses u for doing something stupid until ur 18 dang it i wish i remeber the name...but honestly just try to bring up all the other good things hes doing like if he has a job doing good in school and try to prove to the judge that it was just a bad decision on his part and hes not usally like this...
hope this helped
posted by Lety on 2/21/2008
okay so lawyers are important just get a cheap one in this matter not to important and your brother will be fine man if i get plain probation for what i did hell get off with a slap on the wrist dont stress
posted by mel (age 18) on 3/31/2008

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