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"purchasing a home"
I have been looking to buy a home for for a while now.Then I came across a little house that looked just about perfect.I contacted howard hanna and an agent showed us the house & it looked great.To make the rest of the story short,this house had been on the market for a year,so we put an offer on this house & the owner at first accepted then changed his mind that he no longer wants to sell he's taking it off the market.So then 2 days latter our agent calls back and says he's changed his mind again,he will take the offer.So we all sign the contracts & I started the loan aplacation.Now he changes his mind again he does not want to sell (crazy) and he is now seeing an attorney.My agent informs me that he is now bound by contract and if he backs out now it will cost him big money.(unless I was to back out).I really wanted this house,should I back out?I kind of feel like I am evicting this man from his home,also wander if he may cause problems for me for going through with this sale. Any advice?
posted by Thomas on 6/16/2012 @10:50:14 AM •
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