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"help relative avoid homelessness"
my husband & i rent a home and struggle financially ourselves. we have my mother living with us, but she isnt supposed to be unless added to our lease. she lost her job, than lost her car. she has no home, nobody to turn to except me and my husband. she tried to get state assistance but because she is NOT currently homeless, at a shelter, they won't help her. we have been trying to find some way to help her without our own living situation being jeopardized. we could add her to the lease but they would do a background check and want her to help on the rent, but she has no job or car to get one. we do not want to turn her over to a shelter, but we don't want to get evicted ourselves for letting her stay with us. any advice, since the state won't help?
posted by starr on 7/26/2012 @7:16:03 PM •
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