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"Don't know what to do"
I don't know if i should contact my child's father. When i told him i was pregnant he said he was having one with his fiance(he had told me he was single when we met) and they were happy and to let it be another guy's baby. I was so devastated i haven't contacted him since. He has since married his fiance and they don't have a baby together. I have been struggling for months if i should contact him to ask his medical history, but I'm afraid if he sees my child he may decide he wants to be part of her life. I can't stand the thought of her being in his care (he's very immature and I'm afraid he won't take care of her very well) and something possibly happening to her. And also i don't want to mess up his marriage even though he's lying to her by not telling her he has a child he doesn't care about or has never seen. I really need an outside persons advice on this because it's really hurting me badly.
posted by Wanda (age 39) on 7/28/2012 @1:25:14 AM •
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