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"fool for love"
I fell in love after a 2 yr relationship and am embarrassed by my actions (I knew better). I did put a ring on her finger 6 months ago. Recently, I leased a car for her in my name/insurance due to her subpar credit. She has now broken off the engagement and I have asked for the ring back but am meeting resistance. She also continues to drive the car making monthly payments to me. What are my options...? I told her if I don't get the ring back, I will take the car away.
posted by Kip (age 49) on 8/7/2012 @10:19:57 PM •
You gave the ring to her it is hers and if she paying monthly for the car that is also hers. Just put it down to experience and move on!
posted by Sheba on 8/14/2012

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