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"Feel an Idiot"
I have a very close friend who then became a friend with benefits which I knew was a disaster as I knew I would develop feelings, I already had mad crush and just couldn't resist, I then told him how I felt, he ignored me for few days I sent text saying would rather keep you as a friend then anything else and I wish I never slept with him etc. and he said 'nothing has changed with us' and went back to how things where, I thought things where getting a bit heavier as I started going around and spending family time with him and and his kids! I then got very drunk and was messaging him and told him I liked him and wanted more and I wasting my time as think I had right to know! He said not having this conversation, which I understand, I said your silence tells me all I need to know, no worries. I have refrained from contact and he hasn't contacted me! I like he so much and thought we had future but can't deal with his failing to be honest I said I could take it if it was a no I would fully understand he knows I'm not a nasty person and would understand I just feel he keeping his options open! But I know he was to text me and ask to cinema etc.. I would go even though as I think I like him soooo much! Should I just walk away even though I have never felt like this for anyone in my life he says I make things complex but I can't carry on not knowing if we going anywhere! ARgh life so hard. My marriage broked down last year and he became such a good friend I know we will always be friends but I just don't know what to do!
posted by Sheba (age 36) on 8/14/2012 @3:59:28 PM •
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