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"ugly but very sweet...."
okay, im currently singe and i like this guy but idk if he likes me bak or not....but theres this other guy that likes me but hes like rele rele ugly.....and i dont feel the same way about him as he feels about me...should i say yes even if i dont like him???? helpp...
posted by chelsea on 2/14/2008 @12:44:37 PM •
NOOO! i dated one guy just because he liked me and ended up dating him for three years. i couldn't ever break up with him...i felt sorry for him and was afraid he would get hurt. also, i know looks aren't everything, but you have to be attracted to him. i wasn't attracted to my ex at all. after dating him a while, he totally disguisted me. seriously, don't date him!
posted by sara on 2/14/2008
Looks are not everything. If you want to be with him an he treats you good then that is all the matters. Its what is inside that counts the most...
posted by Kc on 2/17/2008

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