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"Controling Boyfriend"
Well, Im 21 and my bf is 29. We started dating when i was 15. Then eventually i got pregnat at 16 and then again at 17. We have two beautiful daughters toghether. He is a stay at home father and i work full time. Ok, the problem is we have always not seen eye to eye. he always thinks im cheating on him while im at work or whenever im not in sight. he is very verbally abusive and I just dont know what to do. it will be 7 years that i have put up with him and I just don't want to leave him only bc he told me if i ever left he would never look back and i want my children to grow up around there father. i love him very much but i just cant take it any longer. what should i do?
posted by Daisy (age 21) on 8/15/2012 @12:03:44 AM •
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