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"My best friends younger brother"
im 20 and one of my best friends kyle really wants to be with me but i just dont feel the same way.. i have told him but he keeps on and on about it and i seriously think his whole family thinks we are together but were not. His brother is 19 and his name is jessie. I never noticed all the 3 years ive been friends with them that i really have discovered strong feelings for jessie but i cant tell kyle because he would be crushed i think. Jessie always has flirted with me and complimented me so i know he thinks im attractive but the problem is I want him so bad and he just got back together with his ex girlfriend a week ago and she lives with him now so i cant ever find the time to try and tell him or talk to him alone... but i dont know why he settled for less b/c this girl cheated on him with someone else and i dont know what he sees in her. Its a really complicated situation im in and i normally wouldnt even try to mess with a guy that has a girlfriend but this girl is a skanky little whore and i want her out of the picture! Please if you can give me the best advice on what i should do.. im going crazy!
posted by Morgan (age 20) on 8/19/2012 @5:14:23 PM •
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