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"Is my husband cheating on me?"
My husband and I have been having trouble. He's been spending a lot of time playing a game and chatting on his phone for several months. We are in marriage counseling for a few reasons and that is the big issue. He spends so much time on it I have trouble trusting him. So a few months ago I looked in his phone and found pictures of other women and flirty messages to women. I confronted him and he told me the pics were just porn. I felt a little better but I knew better. The women werent naked just in seductive poses. So I le it go and backed off. Things got much better but then this week he has been acting weird and disappearing with his phone to the bathroom for Lon periods of time. I looked at his phone this morning and found more pictures of women saved on his Phone and pictures of real porn saved. And a message where he told a chick he's been chatting with that he thinks she's sexy all the time. He doesn't even give me compliments. I think he's cheating on me. Am I overreacting??
posted by Mary (age 30) on 8/21/2012 @11:57:38 AM •
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