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"not sure the start anymore.."
I even feel bad to have to run to the internet for advice I been with my partner on and off for ten years I'm 28 she is 40 i have two kids a ten year old and a two year old she was by my side for both kids but after the last baby was born we been sleeping in two different rooms we have became two strangers in the same house now I'm not working im the one that takes care of the home 24/7 with no break i have no family besides my two boys and her in extremely lonely i can't talk to her because if she don't see a point in my feelings its a all out fight this past two weeks i have had two kidney stones and a bladder infection i had to call her at work and ask her to take me to the hospital and kidney stones are extremely painful she told me i needed to wait her family can use me when needed but any other time put me down she never stands up for me i feel as if im here for everyone else she has no idea how much pain inside i hold that it is a heavy feeling that makes me question my every move l
posted by emily (age 28) on 8/30/2012 @1:53:59 AM •
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